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Anna Becker

I found CrossFit in 2013. I had started  my fitness journey 2 years earlier, getting my personal trainer certification and trying to rehab myself from injuries sustained in a car accident. I had some success in rehabbing my injuries, but still had ongoing issues and was jumping from one program to the next, trying to find something that would challenge my fitness level but not aggravate my injuries. 

I did one CrossFit workout, the day the first CrossFit gym in my small North Florida town opened, and was hooked.

As much as I loved it, I was scared that something so intense would flare up my injuries... it turns out, functional movement patterns, core to extremity movements and great coaching were exactly what I needed to recover. Within a month I was feeling the best I had felt since the accident! I got my level 1, 2 months in, and have been coaching ever since. For the following 3 years that I lived in Florida, I made restorative personal training my full time job. I used the functional, core to extremity movement patterns and ability to scale to any level, that I had learned through CrossFit, to help transform clients ability to participate in everyday life. 


My favorite part of coaching is seeing how it transforms the quality of peoples lives outside the gym -the grandmother that can now keep up with her grand kids, the guy that is no longer kept awake at night with back pain, or the insecure teenage girl who has overcome eating disorders and found confidence..those are all real transformations I’ve had the privilege of having a small part of, and those are the reasons I LOVE CrossFit!

Coaching Experience

CrossFit Florida  |  May 2011 – September 2011
CrossFit Cherry Creek  |   - Present


CrossFit Level 2

ACE Personal Trainer

ACE Health Coach