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Brittany Biggs

CrossFit invited me on a date back in 2012. I had a great time, and was excited to see it again. What I did not anticipate was how hard I would fall. What I have come to realize is that I did not fall in love with “CrossFit.” I have fallen in love with fitness and all the journey of progress.

As I was looking to transition out of such a highly competitive swimming career, CrossFit filled the need for a “daily appointment” when I craved such structure when exiting college. I was sick of having wet hair and waking up at 430am so I retired from club/college swimming and sought life with CrossFit. Competitive fitness filled the void I had from competition without taking up so much of my time. Or so I thought...I quickly became very involved in competitions and training programs. I have had a fair amount of injuries, but I ended up overtraining a couple times (as I did in swimming) because more is better, right? Well there has to be a base-level of respect for the process and your body. (Lesson #584 of CrossFit that no one talks about).

After competing at various local competitions, Wyoming Open, Winter WODFest, Triple Threat, Granite Games, The Fittest Experience, I have found myself with a more confident perspective for training and what I need to do for my own goals. It has been through this process that I found an intense passion for coaching.  

I continue to compete in Masters Swimming and CrossFit and found a fulfilling career as a Personal Trainer. I love bringing the knowledge of restorative activity and strategy to general fitness, as well as competitive athletes.

I have been lucky enough to be welcomed at a few gyms around Colorado over the past 8 years, but it is the community at-large that still lives up to everything we love to brag about when we invite other friends to a “fun workout.”  While I witnessed it as a bystander, as an insider now, CrossFit Cherry Creek has ALWAYS had that community.

Coaching Experience

Club Swimming |  2013-2017

XS CrossFit | 2015-2018

Project Rise Fitness | 2016-2019

CrossFit Cherry Creek| 2019 - Present

20 Mile CrossFit | 2019 - Present


Bachelor’s Degree: Exercise Science & Adult Fitness, Metropolitan State University of Denver, 2012

CrossFit Level 1, 2015

CrossFit Kids, 2016

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, 2019

Regenerative Medicine Protocols, 2018

Stress, Pain & Movement, 2018

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